Things to know before starting your Freelancing Journey

Things to know before starting your Freelancing Journey

How to Start Freelancing with No experience

Freelancing is the best way to skill up your career by doing the things which you already know. There might be a client who is looking for a freelancer, to fill the gap of doing something for their product. It's an opportunity for you to enhance your skills by taking up the project and making them satisfied. But there are some things you should know right before landing clients.

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1. Clients do not hire the best, but the least risky

Yes! Think of it from the client's perspective, the client usually thinks to get his work done efficiently by not losing much of his time and he usually prefers a candidate who is less risky and who makes the job done.

2. You don't convince your client, you make them convince themselves

The client usually comes with a goal in mind to get their work done within the least amount of time. As a famous precept from the book "How to win friends and influence people", you get to talk from other person's perspective by liking his ideology, get to know the need of the client, and how much amount of value you need to put in.

3. You don't define yourself by the product you sell

I think you got the idea, there might be different cases where you can charge a huge amount for someone and less on the other. Always look for the criteria and the amount of time you invest in, and how does it benefit the client allowing for huge profits. Explain the scenarios and get the calculations done with the client with the right approach.

4. Communicate - to maintain Trust

Trust, is an important factor to consider and not to be overlooked as it builds the relationship with the client and helpful for your future projects as well. Communicate very often at least twice a week to get to know them and the amount of work they put and maintain. Be a great communicator.

5. Get organized at your work - Clients love it.

Get your freelance work organized by scheduling a number of phases and assigning the time for that particular phase. Arrange a meet by the end of each phase so that client thinks you are dedicated to the project timelines and by showing how organized you are.

6. Clients know other potential clients

When you have already given your best in delivering the work, by making the client extremely satisfied you get referred to other clients which are extremely valuable that add to your great testimonies. Word of mouth is the greatest thing you could achieve ever.

Few tips to land your first successful client

  • When you are just starting out, focus on testimonials.
  • Work for free
  • Make your time valuable by not doing everything for free
  • Linkedin and Instagram are the greatest platforms to get discovered and search clients
  • Improve your connections and establish a healthy relationship online
  • Showcase your work on your profile and attract them
  • Come on a video. Clients love to see your face no matter how bad it is.
  • Understand the need of the client and approach accordingly
  • Nobody likes approaching them when they don't actually need, so don't try to sell.
  • Add CTAs (Call to Actions)
  • Think of the 'mentality' of the platforms Linkedin / Instagram and approach accordingly.

PS: I haven't included freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr because they are extremely hard for a beginner to get into. Although there are few who are making a lot from their gigs, I think it's more diluted.

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